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Date Class Title Pastor Download
Sep-1-2006 The Five T's - Class 1 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Sep-18-2006 The Five T's - Class 2 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Sep-25-2006 The Five T's - Class 3 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Oct-2-2006 The Five T's - Class 4 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Oct-9-2006 The Five T's - Class 5 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Oct-16-2006 The Five T's - Class 6 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Oct-23-2006 The Five T's - Class 7 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Oct-30-2006 The Five T's - Class 8 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Nov-6-2006 The Five T's - Class 9 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Nov-13-2006 The Five T's - Class 10 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Nov-20-2006 The Five T's - Class 11 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Nov-27-2006 The Five T's - Class 12 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Dec-4-2006 The Five T's - Class 13 Pastor Mike Metzger Download
Sep-10-2006 Matthew - Class 1 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Sep-17-2006 Matthew - Class 2 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Sep-24-2006 Matthew - Class 3 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Oct-1-2006 Matthew - Class 4 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Oct-8-2006 Matthew - Class 5 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Oct-22-2006 Matthew - Class 6 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Oct-29-2006 Matthew - Class 7 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Nov-5-2006 Matthew - Class 8 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Nov-12-2006 Matthew - Class 9 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Nov-19-2006 Matthew - Class 10 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Nov-26-2006 Matthew - Class 11 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Dec-10-2006 Matthew - Class 12 Pastor Bob Brado Download
Sep-12-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 1 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Sep-19-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 2 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Sep-26-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 3 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Oct-3-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 4 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Oct-10-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 5 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Oct-17-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 6 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Oct-31-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 7 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Nov-7-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 8 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Nov-14-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 9 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Nov-21-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 10 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Nov-28-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 11 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Dec-5-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 12 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Dec-12-2006 Minor Prophets - Class 13 Pastor Vince Tumia Download
Sep-13-2010 Samuel - Class 1 Joe Marcone Download
Sep-27-2010 Samuel - Class 3 Joe Marcone Download
Oct-4-2010 Samuel - Class 4 Joe Marcone Download
Oct-11-2010 Samuel - Class 5 Joe Marcone Download
Oct-18-2010 Samuel - Class 6 Joe Marcone Download
Oct-25-2010 Samuel - Class 7 Joe Marcone Download
Nov-1-2010 Samuel - Class 8 Joe Marcone Download
Nov-8-2010 Samuel - Class 9 Joe Marcone Download
Nov-15-2010 Samuel - Class 10 Joe Marcone Download
Nov-22-2010 Samuel Class 11 Joe Marcone Download
Nov-29-2010 Samuel Class 12 Joe Marcone Download
Dec-6-2010 Samuel Class 13 Joe Marcone Download
Dec-13-2010 Samuel Class 14 Joe Marcone Download