Application & Registration Process

By mail: Registration dates and information will be made available upon request. Just telephone and a registration packet will be mailed to you.
In person: You may register in the Commons of the FBBC main auditorium or the office during designated registration dates.

For additional Information:
North Star Bible Institute
990 Manitou Road
Hilton, N.Y. 14468

585-392-0777 or Fax: 585-392-4050

Note: Official application to the Institute consists of registering for the semester which the student plans on entering.

A student may enter any semester in the four-year-cycle of classes. While there are no lengthy application forms to complete, a personal interview with prospective full-time students is required before such registration. We at the Institute know that we can serve students better if we know their goals, their educational background, and their present spiritual situation. These kinds of things can be best gleaned from personal contact not from a heap of forms. If you are thinking about matriculating as a full-time student, do drop us a line to set up an interview appointment.