Student Information

Why Study At NSBI?

Affordable Tuition – Cost per credit hour is a fraction of the cost of other schools

Degree Recognition – Bachelor of Divinity or Graduate of Theology Degrees qualify the student to continue in Graduate studies at several accredited schools

Teaching Experience – Courses taught by experienced Pastors with decades of experience

Practical Ministry – Opportunities to serve in more than 50 ministries in the church

Pastoral/Missionary Training – Available for the student locally and globally with experienced ministers

Literal Interpretation – A grammatico-historical (actual word meaning-actual place in history) approach to hermeneutics, trusting the Bible as perfectly preserved

Verse by Verse Study – Over 50 books of the Bible are taught thoroughly

Full or Part Time Study – The student may study at their own pace with no time limit to complete Degree requirements

Online Courses Available – MP3 audio available for Distance studies

Local Church Supported – Owned and Operated by First Bible Baptist Church

Proven Training Ground – Multitudes of people in ministry around the world who were trained by FBBC/NSBI