Big Picture Bible Studies

Big Picture Bible Studies are appropriately named as they offer the disciple the Big Picture of God’s dealings with man. This study offers the following:

  • A panoramic view of Bible geography, history, personalities, and priorities
  • A clear introductory path to the Bible, Christianity, and biblical Discipleship
  • An informal atmosphere where one enjoys the advantage of small group fellowship and attention
  • A somewhat flexible schedule, in that the BPBS is offered at a variety of times
  • Using charts, maps, and timelines, the student will learn the major characters, events, and places of the Bible. The BPBS has been compared to a picture of a completed jigsaw puzzle, revealing where all the pieces of the Bible fit together.

Big Picture Bible Studies are offered Sunday mornings and Thursday mornings. Every Christian, whether new or old will benefit from this study.

Bible Study Notes and Information